Professional Reiki Training workshop

Professional Development Course for All Reiki practitioners

Are you looking to further develop your professional Reiki practice, professional skills, treatment adaptation skills? Then this course, endorsed by the Australian Reiki Connection is for you.

Professional Practice - Reiki Treatment Delivery & Practice Administration

Reiki Education Services runs the above course to everyone who has completed their modality training in Reiki I and II, and who want to open or work in, a professional practice. The course helps participants develop professional skills, treatment adaptation skills, and provides resources that meet Australian business requirements & the Australian Reiki Connection Inc., the Association of Australian Reiki Professionals’ Professional Practitioner criteria. 


The course can be undertaken in either a completely online format over several months, or via a weekend intensive with certain pre-attendance activities completed in advance. 


While COVID-19 is causing all sorts of disruptions to courses and events, Reiki Education Services will not be scheduling any in person weekend intensive workshops in Professional Practice – Reiki Treatment Delivery and Practice Administration.


For that reason, they will be offering individual sections from the whole course as standalone study modules, and these can be done completely online!


This means you can choose the module that most reflects your current needs – if you know what the gaps are you need to fill to be more confident in professional practice, perhaps this is the option for you.


Each person who successfully completes a module will be issued with a Statement of Completion. In time, additional modules could be undertaken as needed. If all modules are completed, a Certificate for the whole course will be issued. An extra benefit is the spreading out of cost and study commitments during these uncertain times.



Open for enrolment now are the following modules:

Sanitizing Products for Reiki Practitioners

Infection Control and Hygiene

(everyone who is actively treating people – whether professionally or just within a family/friends, context - should do this first as it includes protocols for COVID-19)

Email for more Details

Treatment Room

The Practice

(requirements of premises, including OHS/WHS considerations, duty of disclosure – both yours and the clients’)

Email for more Details

Animal Reiki

Liaising with Other Healthcare Providers

(how to communicate about Reiki with healthcare professionals who are not familiar with or sceptical of it, when you should refer a client to another healthcare provider, post-treatment support, additional communication resources for dealing with difficult clients or their caregivers/healthcare providers)

Email for more Details

Business considerations

Business Considerations

(small business administrative duties, tax, reporting, book-keeping, promoting your business etc.)

Email for more Details

Reiki Treatment

Delivering a Treatment

(information on assisting clients on/off the table, positioning correctly for comfort, adapting for specific client needs, preparing the treatment and office spaces for the day and in between clients)

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Reiki for Children

Working with Minors

Ethics, and Conduct (children under sixteen – discovering the legal requirements and the Working with Children Checks for each state, ethics as a practitioner – professionally and personally)

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Signing a Contract

Legal Compliance

(health and safety, clients’ records, confidentiality, informed consent, your premises or treatment space)

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Young Businesswomen

Communication with Clients

(effective and open communication without creating a counselling relationship – which if you are not qualified to do, you must avoid. Scheduling treatments and considerations when deciding, phone and e-mail etiquette)

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The full course can be undertaken in either a completely online format over several months, or when COVID 19 restrictions have been lifted, via a weekend intensive with certain pre-attendance activities completed in advance. 

Methods of training used on the in person version, include, small group activities, open forum discussion, written activities, role play, practice treatment sessions, demonstrations etc.

In the online version, you will provide your practical submissions using written records, video and/or photos, and written assignments. 

Course Inclusions 

By the end of this course, you will have received resources on, and practical experience in, the following: 

• How to start your practice, ensuring you comply with legal requirements at state and federal 

levels, including relevant Codes of Conduct*, working with children*, 
• Pointers on administrative and book-keeping requirements* 
• Setting up and furnishing your practice premises 
• Taking a thorough case history* 
• Maintaining client records and ensuring privacy and confidentiality* 
• Obtaining informed consent* 
• Communicating with your clients (being compassionate, objective, and realistic without getting 
personally involved) 
• Treatment hygiene, for yourself and the client* 
• Occupational/Workplace health and safety* 
• Explaining Reiki and giving a first treatment session* 
• Adapting treatment strategies to deal with client needs* (dealing with advanced pregnancy etc) 
• Dealing with healing responses/reactions 
• Scheduling subsequent sessions 
• What to do if asked to liaise with other health professionals 
• Post-treatment support - what is appropriate, and how much is too much 
• How to deal with difficult clients 
• When to refer a client elsewhere 
Note: Items marked with an asterisk (*), are legal requirements in Australia.


Additional Information: Certificates are provided under the Australian Reiki Connection’s auspices for Members of ARC, and are signed by the President.

Reiki Education Services has a number of trained facilitators who may present weekend intensives.

Reiki teacher with Australian Reiki Connection

About the Author Sue Lake Harris - Reiki Education Services

Sue's life experiences and formal qualifications make her a unique, credible , and motivating mentor, author, speaker and educator. Her educational programmes get results – whether online, small group, or one-on-one.

Sue is also a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher for traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki

Note: Sue Lake Harris is a member of the Committee of Management of ARC. There is no affiliation fee or commission of any kind involved between Sue or Reiki Education Services and ARC.