Reiki in the age of the Pandemic

Resumption of In Person Reiki Treatments

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Metro Melbourne easing of restrictions 

Restrictions on Home Based Businesses
Important information if you operate your Reiki Practice from your home.

Sole Trader Support Fund - Eligibility Guidelines \

Regional Victoria Third Step easing of  restrictions in place   

Updates on Easing of Restrictions in other States and Territories 

Small business planning tool - COVID-19   

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COVID Safe Checklist for your premises

These checklists will help  to identify how to keep you and your clients safe and limit the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace, when permitted to resume treating clients and teaching students.

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Physical distancing checklist - COVID-19

29 Apr 2020

This checklist will help employers to identify how they can implement physical distancing measures to keep their workers safe and limit the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Workplace Checklist - COVID-19

6 Apr 2020

This checklist will help employers to identify how they can keep their workers safe and limit the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.


Health, hygiene & facilities checklist - COVID-19

29 Apr 2020

This checklist will help employers to implement good hygiene measures so they can keep their workers safe and limit the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.


Update on Easing of Restrictions in Australia


As announced by the Victorian Premier, Sunday 26th October, non- essential services which include in person Reiki Treatments can resume unless you are a home based business, from WEDNESDAY 28TH OCTOBER  -subject to COVID SAFE PLAN and wearing of face masks

See the plan for Metro Melbourne.    click here  

Reiki Teaching classes are NOT permitted

There will be more information from the Victorian Premier about further easing of restrictions on 22nd November.

Roadmap for Regional Victoria Reiki Treatments permitted, where a face covering can be worn for the duration of service





WESTERN AUSTRALIA; Reiki treatments permitted.


NEW SOUTH WALES Reiki treatments permitted.


QUEENSLAND; Reiki treatments permitted.

Reiki Practitioners must also prepare and comply with a COVID SAFE checklist 

Stage 2 on 1st June - includes Reiki treatments


TASMANIA; Reiki treatments permitted.


NORTHERN TERRITORY; Reiki treatments permitted.

ACT; Reiki treatments permitted.


Professional Reiki Practitioners operating a Home Based Business

There has been confusion around resumption of in person Reiki Treatments from your home/residence.

When Metropolitan Melbourne moved to Third Step restrictions from 11:59pm on 27 October the following statement was included in the Roadmap for Metropolitan Melbourne. 

  • Personal care and body art services can open. They can only offer services where the customer can wear a face mask during the entire service. Home-based businesses may also open, as long as they meet the required COVIDSafe rules.


However, the Department of Health and Human Services have laid down specific criteria for home based businesses.

For a person to operate a business out of their home that is customer-facing, or has more than one worker on-site, they must have a discrete work area, including:

  • a dedicated premises for the business to operate from, that is separate from the place of residence in all aspects (e.g. workers or clients cannot enter the residence)

  • another entrance for workers and clients that is separate to the residence

  • no sharing of facilities (e.g. toilets, kitchen etc.). This means a customer can only access a separate toilet(s) - they are not permitted to use the home toilet(s).

COVIDSafe Plan must be in place. The work space is subject to the density quotient and cleaning requirements as per other work settings. Face masks must be worn by workers, clients and customers at all times.

If a home-based business meets the requirements of a discrete work area, it is permitted to operate subject to the restrictions of their industry.

If the home-based business does not meet these requirements, it is are not permitted to reopen under the current restriction levels in regional Victoria or metropolitan Melbourne.

When pressed on this matter the DHHS informed ARC that as long as the treatment room has its own separate entrance and separate WC eg a garage conversion, extension built onto the house, or simply an area of the house that meets the requirements.

it can operate.

ARC has for clarification on the latest information as DHHS website says yes and their representatives when phoned, say NO.


Government Links

For the latest advice, information and resources, go to the Australia Government Department of Health website:

You can call the National Coronavirus Help Line on 1800 020 080. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you require translating or interpreting services, call 131 450.

The phone number of your state or territory public health agency is available at

As always, if you have concerns about your health, speak to your health care provider.

For recent health alerts:

For the latest advice, information and resources from Safe Work Australia: