National Reiki Awareness Week 2022

                                      - Second Friday to Third Sunday (Inclusive)November                                         

 11th - 20th November 2022inclusive

It is envisioned that an emphasis be placed on the benefits of Reiki to all members of the community but especially to those living with a life limiting illness such as Cancer. There is a growing need and request for Professional Reiki practitioners to volunteer their services in Palliative Care facilities. It is hoped that event organizers will endeavor to raise funds for research into the benefits of REIKI in palliative care and/or other areas of their choosing.


What better way to promote the system of Reiki, yourself and your business, than providing free short Reiki treatments to the public at large nationwide. Professional Reiki practitioners do not have to be members of ARC Inc. to participate, so ask your friends to join in.(note Professional Reiki Practitioners must carry the neccessary insurances )

If you and/or your friends would like to organize an event and I urge you to consider doing so, and you require any assistance in organizing one please contact: (ARC does not organise these events directly)

To assist with running a successful event ARC members can download templates and other information from the Members Area of this website, 


You can organise your event for the entire period or only for one week or day, depending on your circumstances.

The important thing is to make the effort and help promote Reiki and yourself and business to the community.