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ARC Distant  Healing Book & Online version via Zoom

                      You can participate in sending Distant Healing Reiki in two ways 

​            By participating in our live online event via Zoom every Thursday evening from 8.30 to 9.00 pm AEDT.

                                                To participate in the live event click here 


 Privately at 9.00pm from the comfort you your own space to the  requests in the ARC distant healing book.

                                          To place a Distant Healing Request click here

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
All States and Territories in Australia EXCEPT VICTORIA now permit in person Reiki treatments - subject to meeting the Covid Safe and Hygiene requirements

While we know Reiki helps boost our wellbeing, we should always be responsible by staying informed about the regular updates and follow the guidelines. Reliable information links are available in the main article (click on link below).

Among the most important guidelines is washing your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

For professional Reiki Practitioners who may not wish to resume in person Reiki treatments with clients this is an opportunity to promote distant healing sessions.

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“Reiki Care of Life-Threatening Illness for Reiki and Reflexology Practitioners”
(Endorsed by the Australian Reiki Connection)
** Covid restrictions apply with appropriate care followed.
Course work is currently online until further notice.**

Are you interested in expanding your Reiki knowledge into healthcare facilities?

This NEWLY UPDATED! Professional Course which is presented in 3 Levels, will build up your Reiki practice to the highest possible standards of Reiki care within the Healthcare System! Your Complete Guide to Professional Level Care in Reiki.

This unique course has been created for Reiki Practitioners who are serious about assisting clients with high needs and wanting to fit comfortably within the medical system.  It explore boundary setting, appropriate communication, legal issues, adaptive Reiki, compassionate detachment and debriefing, self-exploration, familiarity with patient equipment, appropriate behaviour in medical environments and much more.  It will also focus upon the individual needs of healers to improve their self-care with encouragement towards inner love and burn out prevention.


ARC Criteria for the teaching of the Usui System of Reiki

Following consultation with and approval from all ARC members with the Reiki level of Master/Teacher ,at a Special General Meeting of the Association on the 13th June 2015 the Amended & Revised ARC criteria for  teaching of all levels of the Usui System of Reiki was accepted...Read More


This criteria does not include the spiritual practice of Reiki or any particular form / branch of Reiki.

 Download the ARC  Reiki teaching criteria

National Reiki Awareness Week 2021 - 

[under the auspices of ARC the Australian Reiki Connection Inc.]    

Second Friday to Third Sunday (Inclusive) November

12th - 21st November 2021 inclusive. 

ARC members can download from the Members Area of the website, templates and other documents to assist in running the event.

National Code of Conduct for Health Care Workers

Legally binding codes of conduct have been legislated and enacted in the following States:

  •  New South Wales ( 2008) 

  •  South Australia (2013) 

  •  Queensland ( 2014)  

  •  Victoria (February 2017)

Other States and Territories will soon follow suit.

Reiki practitioners are considered to be health care workers.

All ARC practitioners and teachers who are in States and Territories  where the codes  have not as yet  been legislated, are expected to abide by the National codes

Read FAQ's on Codes here

Read Code of Conduct brochure  here