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Professional image is an important aspect when operating a business in today’s competitive market place.


ARC continues to develop and promote the professionalism of its members while maintaining the standards and practices that have earned ARC the enviable position as Australia’s Leading Reiki Association

The level of education and Reiki training, required of ARC’s professional Reiki Treatment practitioners and teachers is constantly reviewed and refined in an effort to offer the Australian public the highest level of Reiki treatments and Reiki training available.

ARC takes seriously our responsibility as a Professional Reiki Association to ensure as far as possible, that our members, who  provide Reiki treatments and Reiki Training to the public are abiding by National, State and Local Laws.

ARC consistently liaises with health and community service representatives, Government departments and research institutes as well as the general public, for the integration of Reiki, as a stand-alone modality, into the mainstream healthcare system and regularly update members on industry matters that are relevant to them.



One of the better ways to understand how Reiki works is to experience a Reiki Treatment.

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