Reiki Distant  Healing Book & Online Event via Zoom

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To participate in the Thursday live event at 8.30 pm click here 

You can participate in sending Distant Healing Reiki in two ways 

 By participating in our live online event every Thursday evening from 8.30 to 9.00 pm AEDT.


 Privately from the comfort of your own space  to those names and requests placed in the ARC distant healing book.

You may have a healing request placed on the list at any time. If the healing request is for someone other than yourself, then to comply with the Privacy Act please ensure that you have gained permission from the recipient to have their name placed on the Distant Healing Register.

Distant healing can be sent to your loved ones by the Reiki practitioners in association with ARC. For those people who are not members of Australian Reiki Connection  and have someone who needs healing, you are welcome to participate. Simply fill in the form below and submission will be placed on the Distant healing list within 24 hours. We are only too pleased to offer our support to you and yours.

All Reiki Practitioners, are requested to send Reiki to the book by either of the above formats above on Thursday nights at 8.30pm for the live event or at 9pm privately from your own space.

You can also send Distant Healing at other more suitable times as appropriate and required.

Call ARC office on 0439 366 185 to have someone's name placed on the list,  and ARC will make sure your friend is placed on the list or complete and submit the form below.


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