Benefits of Reiki Treatments

Are you Stressed, Anxious, in Pain, or simply need to relax?
Are you at a crossroads and don't know how to move forward?

These are some of the most common conditions that clients present when coming for a Reiki treatment.

A Reiki treatment can help with these however it can do much more.

For example it can contribute to a person’s well-being by making them feel:

  • relaxed

  • peaceful

  • more energetic.






Over the years there has been a great deal of scientific research carried out into the benefits of Reiki treatments and all done without the massive millions of dollars that other have to spend on research for their products et al. The Australian Reiki Connection has collated a  selection of research papers which can be viewed on our dedicated Reiki research page.


The rising tide of chronic disease and conditions, a growing elderly population, combined with massive hospital budget blowouts are a fact of life for all Australians. These and other forces will continue to affect our healthcare system for the foreseeable future.

The only sustainable answer is for ALL of us to work together, put aside our differences and open our minds to what is known to work “for the patient” which in turn works for the system.

We need to put together an Integrated Health Care system where patients are treated as individuals not a mere collection of symptoms, where we acknowledge that body, mind and spirit interact and that what effects one affects all three.

“Integrated Health Care promotes health and wellbeing by bringing together the best in conventional and complementary medicine to achieve balance in all the factors that contribute to maintaining or improving optimal health”.

More importantly we need to give more respect to and empower patients, so that they can play a central role in their own health care. Reiki Treatments have an important and vital role in this.


Reiki Treatment
seated Reiki treatment

Promote Relaxation

Reduce Stress

Improves Quality of Life

Reduce Mood Swings




Reduce Pain

Reduce Anxiety

Reduce Depression

Speed up the body's natural ability to heal.