Reiki Care of Life Threatening Illness
A Foundation level 1 Course for Reiki Practitioners
(Endorsed by the Australian Reiki Connection)


Are you interested in expanding your Reiki knowledge into healthcare facilities?

Then this full weekend course will increase your knowledge and ability in the area of seriously and terminally ill clients.

 This fully endorsed course will support you to provide additional skills in your Reiki practice allowing you to work confidently within any environment. The aim is to  provide a safe place for you to become confident in giving Reiki care in any setting whether home, aged care, respite or healthcare settings and to provide a supported space for Healers where you feel understood and mentored in your journey of becoming the best practitioner you can be. 


There is a strong focus on the concept of self-care and self-awareness in delicate situations such as terminal illness.   With a sensitive approach toward ourselves, we can go forward to become sensitive practitioners to others and become acutely aware of our environments and in this case, environments of very ill people. 

In working alongside medical staff with this sensitivity, Reiki makes a difference to clients, family and staff.  


  This course is a fusion of Practitioner Care and Foundational Care of Ill and Palliative Clients


Is This Course For Me?


This unique course has been created for Reiki Practitioners who are serious about assisting clients with high needs and wanting to fit comfortably within the healthcare system.  It explores boundary setting, appropriate communication, legal issues, adaptive Reiki, compassionate detachment and debriefing, self-exploration, familiarity with patient equipment, appropriate behaviour in medical environments and much more.  It also focuses upon our individual needs as healers to improve our self-care with encouragement towards inner love and burn out prevention.

 Come along and enjoy the fusion of empowering knowledge and pampering!



What is included in the Course?


Since this course has been created to provide care for healers as well as providing information based on professional caring levels, you will enjoy:

  • A warm Saturday welcome in a beautiful retreat

  • Self-care activity and a Pamper Pack

  • Meditations and a Reiki Circle

  • All catering of nutritious lunches, snacks, drinks and smoothies.

  • Two days of training with self-reflective time and discussions built in on the subject of End of Life.

  • Your certificate

  • Your manual for coursework “Reiki Care of life-Threatening illness “ a Foundation Level 1 Course for Reiki Practitioners


* This course is Endorsed by The Australian Reiki Connection Inc (P& PD Points available with this course) and supported by Reiki NZ Inc




  What does the Course Component Cover?


What is Palliation?

Reiki Review

Anatomy and Physiology of Body, Mind and Spirit

Illness from the Eyes of Our Client

The Presentation of Life-Threatening Illness

The Benefits of Reiki

Practitioner Protection for Both the Physical and Spiritual

Introduction to Health Care Facilities – Types of Centers, Referrals and Approach

Working Within Health Care Facilities: Legal requirements, Ethics and Boundaries

Being a Professional: OH&S, Consent, Insurance, Confidentiality

Personal Values, Ethics, Boundaries, Acceptance and Bedside Manner

Reiki Skills in a Medical Setting:  Hand-to-Hand Reiki, Adaptability and Positioning

Contraindications, Wounds and Awareness of Devices

Sensitivity and Communication –Listening, Responding and Reporting

When it is Time for the Soul to Depart

Detachment and Debriefing

Helpful Tips for Practitioners


Is there an Advanced Course?


Yes, there will be a further course which will provide information around chemotherapy, radiation, medications and surgery for those that would like to understand further details about this journey in an Advanced Course later on. Attending the Foundation Course will be a pre-requisite.


How do I book my place in this course?


You are welcome to contact me directly by mobile 0409009924 or email with your intention. 


Once booked, you will receive an email of receipt and a booking form to return. You will also receive a welcome letter to remind you of our exciting adventure together one week ahead of the course.



Something to consider:


If you have experienced recent grief, please consider whether you have had enough time to process your current grief. It is often suggested that you give yourself enough times to process your loss before undertaking grief work and terminal care. Allow yourself  a minimum of a year - 2 years. 


About the facilitator:


Alexandra Browne-Hill has been a registered nurse and midwife for 40 years with experience in facilitating health education. Personal experience in tragedy led to the Spiritual Path with Reiki, Counseling and other natural health modalities, and includes years of international study with indigenous medicine. Now an International writer, author and speaker, Alex offers workshops and retreats with the aim of normalising the natural state of our connection with body, mind and soul and encouraging our intuitive processes. Alex believes that our best health relies upon bringing natural medicine together with modern treatments in a powerful package of skill and wisdom.




Contacting me is easy.

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