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Established in 1997 Australian Reiki Connection The Association of Australian Reiki Professionals, is:

  • founded upon the principles and practices of the Usui System of Reiki. Hands-on, individual attunement, by a Reiki  Teacher, in the Usui  system of Reiki tradition, is a basic requirement for any level of membership

  • a community of both professional and  non-professional Reiki Practitioners and Teachers, who offer friendship and share Reiki ideals with like-minded travellers along the Reiki path, aiming to foster a community spirit within Global Reiki.

  • a national, not for profit, Reiki Association, managed by its members, through a Committee of Management elected annually at its AGM in October. 

  • an Association working with and promoting, the 'Spirit of Reiki,' first and foremost as a Spiritual Practice, through teaching,healing, fellowship and research and as a stand-alone professional practice, both within the Reiki Community and the Wider Community.

Visit our Directory of Referred Professional Reiki Treatment Practitioners. These members have met ARC's criteria for referral as Usui System of Reiki Professional Reiki Treatment Practitioners.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Reiki as "A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being". Read ARC's preferred explanation of Reiki written by our founding member Wendy Joy Smith

Visit our Directory of Referred Professional Reiki Teachers. These members have met ARC's criteria for referral as Teachers of the Usui System of Reiki.

About ARC
  • ARC  is an association of Reiki channels and aims to foster fellowship between Members and other Reiki channels in Australia and beyond.

  • ARC  brings people together, it fosters opportunities for Reiki to be available to everyone, it aims to help us better ourselves, and our practice in Reiki.

  • ARC  would like to inspire you to grow in your understanding of Reiki and to meet and share with other like-minded members

  • ​ARC  members are valued because of the standards and codes that we work to; we should all feel proud to be a part of it.


  • ARC  aims to advance the opportunity for Reiki to be  accepted as a standalone modality in Australia, and in hospitals and clinics, by liaison, advocacy and demonstration.


  • Committee of Management regularly searches Federal and each State and Territory government health department for news of any changes to their policies that may have an effect on the practice of Reiki. We continue to raise with them, the benefits of Reiki treatments and the professionalism of  our Reiki Practitioners and Teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of the most frequently asked questions about Reiki and Reiki treatments, received from the general public and Reiki Practitioners. If you have a question not listed, then contact ARC and receive the information you require.

Reiki Research

Research Abstracts on the Effectiveness of Reiki Treatments

A Summary of Evidence-Based Research and Clinical Effectiveness

Prepared by Australian Reiki Connection Inc. (ARC)

Insurance Cover for ARC Members

Australian Reiki Connection members are able to access preferential rates as an individual, on combined professional indemnity and public liability insurance through our endorsed broker, Arthur J. Gallagher

Unlike some professional organisations ARC does not accept commissions on members policies.

Request Reiki Distant Healing

Distant healing can be sent to you or your loved ones by the Reiki practitioners in association with ARC. For those people who are not members of Australian Reiki Connection  and have someone who needs healing, please fill in the form on the linked page and submission will be placed on the Distant healing list within 24 hours. We are only too pleased to offer our support to you and yours.

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